Why the perfect boss is man and woman likewise.

„In complex coporate environments leadership can only be flourish successfully when feminine and maskuline communication patterns equally virtuopus and use them appropriately according  to the situation at hand.“

This KeyNote delivers inspiration and insights about:

  • Why feminine and masculine communication patterns have nothing to do with men or women
  • Which patterns are predominant in which situation and why
  • What situations require which pattern
  • How leaders can broaden their communicative portfolio and communicate equally emphatic and effective in using the appropriate pattern
  • Why timing is really everything
  • How power and status do influence the communication patterns

Katja is a true pleasure to work with. She is savvy in all areas of communications and definitely “walks the talk”. You will not only learn a lot from her, you will also leave her KeyNotes feeling more confident and energised.

Eva Snijders, Genetikom