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Perfect Standing – how you really can walk the talk

A moving talk about women, men, power and… SHOES

This entertaining show delivers inspiration and insights about:

  • Why…
    1. …a clear mind works better with proper footwear self-confidence starts with our feet
  • What…
    1. …is really important to stand strong and be flexible in your decisions at the same time
    2. … feminine und masculine communication patterns contribute to that
  • How…
    1. …to smarter decisions and
    2. …smarter power-relations

This entertaining show starts physiologically seen- right at the bottom: at the feet.

  • With black humour and self-irony Katja Schleicher works her way up and shows how standing and walking are influencing thinking and doing.

  • The audiences learns what is means when decisions are taken in the wrong shoes and power is trampled upon.
  • The audience gets insights about how men and women use, misuse and abuse power or run from it. All this with and in shoes that with no doubt make you conquer the world…